Joslin Foods is a licensed food wholesaler in Dartmouth, MA that is owned and operated by Jennifer Joslin. It is here that a unique pasta sauce was created after several exhausting years of begging and pleading with my 3 kids to Eat Your Vegetables! Anyone who has kids knows that getting them to eat vegetables can be trying at best, and to have all your kids actually like the same kind of food is next to impossible. I realized, however, that there were two foods that all 3 of my kids would eat without a complaint-- pasta and pizza. So I went on a mission to hide as many vegetables as possible in that magic food called tomato sauce.

I began to do some research on the nutritional aspects of vegetables in our diets. I found that not only was it recommended that you eat 5 servings a day but that eating a colorful variety of vegetables was equally important. This is because each of those colors offers specific vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that keep us healthy and help us and our kids fight off serious diseases. So now not only do we need to feed our kids 5 servings of vegetables a day--we also have to make sure they’re eating many different kinds. Are you kidding me??? How was I going to do that?

This is where my pasta/pizza sauce mission began. After many complaints about my vegetable pasta sauce, such as “It tastes funny!” and “I see spots in there….I’m not eating it!” I finally managed to get 6 different vegetables, each with its specific health benefits, into my sauce.  I was shocked when all 3 of my kids ate it without question! It was a miracle!

So I began making large batches of my pasta sauce in my kitchen and started feeding it to my kids’ friends as well. I was determined to get my vegetable pasta sauce into the mouths and stomachs of as many unsuspecting volunteers as possible. As more and more kids continued to eat it over pasta and as a pizza sauce without raising a question about it looking or tasting different, it became clear that I had something here.

That’s when I realized, if I could get this into a jar and onto the shelves of stores, all those busy parents who struggle to get their kids to eat this food group would have access to it, too. I found a fully licensed commercial kitchen at the Dartmouth Grange in Dartmouth, MA where I could make large batches of my sauce in shelf- stable jars and I was on my way.  Several months later, I had a licensed commercial product and I was ready to launch my new business venture, Joslin Foods.

My vegetable mission was complete.  I hope you and your kids enjoy my pasta sauce as much we do!